meet tori

Hey, witches 🖤

I decided I would introduce myself and explain a little more about my ✨why✨ so those that don’t know me can feel like they do.

First and foremost I’m Tori! I’m a Virgo, animal loving, witchy, eclectic southern peach.

I was in sales from January of 2015 at my first big girl job until November of this year. I decided a long time ago that I was going to open a boutique but the time was never right, or the money was never right, or the economy wasn’t right. Then one day this fall I woke up to go sit at a conference call while struggling with my own personal health issues and decided that was it. I was over working for someone else doing something I wasn’t interested in.

My whole life I’ve been complimented on my style and my ability to reflect my personality in my style. And I can’t imagine loving something more than helping people love their style. I’ve spoken with so many people who are looking for the style collections that match their vibe. I’m definitely not your normal southern boutique, you’ll notice there’s a lot of black. A word I stole from tiktok and like to use is “yallternative” because as a witchy woman from Georgia there’s not a lot of options. If I could combine three ladies to compare this to it would be Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks, and of course Morticia Addams.

If you go between all black, sequins, or even fringe this is the store for you. I so greatly appreciate the continued support. Please continue to like and share, there’s a giveaway coming your way soon 😉

be notoriously you.
wear your magick.